Ok folks, nae fitba, next to nae travel, nae major concerts and nae toilet roll. So when all else fails lets have a wee quiz. I've got 2 books, 2 dvds and 2 cds up for prizes to help some of you get through the long hours of self isolation. Some easy questions, some not so, but that's so you can spend a bit time getting involved.

Send your answers to ted@tedchristopher.scot. Winners will be announced thurs 26th March.


1. The Stone of Scone is known by what other name?

2. Where was the Norloch?

3. Where did Andrew de Moray raise his standard to announce his participation in the Scottish Wars of Independence?

4. The Wolf of Badenoch was challenged by the devil to play what?

5. Which player was involved in the first £100,000 transfer in football.

6. A replica of which ship which carried Scots from the clearances is berthed in Pictou, Nova Scotia?

7. John Paul Jones is known as "the father of ?". (hint: it's not Led Zeppelin).

8. Who sang the Tennents Lager version of Caledonia?

9. Name the two Corries.

10. Queen of the South FC are based in what town?

11. Name the part of the bagpipes where the fingers play the tune.

12. The Scottish royal coat of arm features the lion and what other creature?

13. Where is the Bronze Age cemetery Clava Cairns?

14. What product was advertised with the phrase " I cannae get the matches to light!"

15. According to Robert Burns "Freedom and whisky gang............what?"

16. Stuart Adamson led which band?

17. Which is deeper ? Loch Marie or Lochnagar?

18. The is only one natural loch in Scotland which is named as a "Lake" . This is because it bears the name of the man who betrayed William Wallace. Name it.

19. What is a fly cemetery?

20. What is "the angels share"?


Of course, if you don't win one of the prizes they are all still available to purchase from fwg@tedchristopher.scot

Exile Nae Mair cd £10 plus p&p

Live at The Beacon dvd £10 plus p&p

both above £15 and only one pp charge

Following Wild Geese book £10 plus p&p

"Ted thank u for my copy.... what a phenomenal book...." VR

Loving the book Ted. Reading it on holiday. Great stories and parts making me laugh out loud x" TJM

 The Beacon is a great theatre and I love the live DVD from there " LM

"Finished mine over 2 nights Ted, reading it again at the weekend, brilliant book, what a life you've lead boy. Thrilled to be named and pictured too but the best part is the craic!"    JH


Quiz winners:

book: Jon Steel
book: Greg Mackinnon
dvd: Zoe Callow
dvd: Bagpipe Ann
cd: Colin Levey
cd: Juan Fernandez

I'll be in touch by email to winners . Thanks all who entered.



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