Bairns Of Dunblane

Follow the Wild Geese Home © Ted Christopher 1998

At the end of the day does your heart fly

To the lochs and the glens and the islands

Do you dream of the Clyde or a bonnie border town

Do the pipes make you shiver and want to see your mother

It's been too long since you've been gone,

Too long since you've been home

To the place that's forever in your heart

To walk your father's steps again in the soft Scottish rain

So follow the wild geese home.


From the wilderness of Torridon to Australia 's New South Wales

From The Black Isle to Nova Scotia

From Fife to Dubai , New York from a croft on Skye

A new beginning whether forced or chasing dreams

In San Francisco Bay do you dream of the Tay

Do you long to walk down Princes Street once more

At night on your rig are your thoughts of Stirling Brig

Follow the wild geese home.


Were your forefathers' families cleared from the land

And sent in exile to the New World

Did they give that foreign place a loved familiar name

Of a home they would never see again

Or did you sail on the tide seeking fortune

On a ship that you built years before

Did you make that last trip to the graveyard

To say your final farewell to these shores


For at the end of your days you know your soul will fly

And follow the  wild geese home



I'm Coming Home © Ted Christopher 2004

 I did not close my eyes for the last time under Caledonia 's skies

With my good friends gathered all around me to say their last goodbyes.

But I will not be forgotten- in the heart of every Scot I still live on

Now it's time to fly the saltire high my spirit's coming home


I'm coming home – back where I belong

I'm coming home – my spirit's coming home


They tore apart my body so I could not rise on judgement day

But what they did not realise is now I'll never go away

And I'm coming back to the land I love and the people I hold dear

To Scotland , St. Andrew and freedom


I'm coming home – back where I belong

I'm coming home – my spirit's coming home


I'm returning after all this time to Caledonian skies

To the country we died for so our nation would survive

Once again to stand beside the people I hold dear

For Scotland , St Andrew and freedom


Scottish Dawn © Ted Christopher 1997

This is my land, I stand beside my brothers,

Each man here to face this day of destiny.

We answered The Bruce, not for greed and not for gain

We fight only to be free


For days I have walked across the moorland

Leaving far behind the glen where I was born

And a frightened crying woman carrying my child

I trust in God that I will live to hold my son


This day brings a Scottish dawn

And freedom is the right of every man

We give our all here today, so our children can say

This is our land and we are Scotland 's sons


Now we will face this hour together.

We may fear, but we will never run

We will pay the cost though many good friends will be lost

Tomorrow, our flag will fly again


On this Coxet Hill we gathered to the saltire

When we are long gone, our sons of sons will say

“They stood behind The Bruce not for greed and not for gain

but on this Borestone field they died that we be free”


so if we die here today, we die for Scotland 's sons.


Slainte Mhath 2000 © Ted Christopher 1999

The winter sun was shining this morning on the glen

And the frost on the trees took my breath away

The snow covered mountains never seemed so near

And my thoughts turned to hogmanay and the coming year


Slainte Mhath 2000 here's a toast from the old land

“Wherever you may be, may your god watch over you”

when the first bell chimes, raise your glass to your homeland

as you take your first steps into the next thousand years


We've come a long way, but have we come so far

When every day some country is at war

Yet man to man the world o'er could brithers be ye know

If we'd just listen to a child who was born two thousand years ago


For auld lang syne…… 


The Lion Roars

In the summer of '90 we headed to Italy

To take on the world we were going for glory

Sometimes you make us cry but the spirit will never die
Because one day our nation will cause a sensation

Scotland – the lion roars with pride
Scotland – theTartan army's at your side
Give us a goal for the millions of miles
Don't forget to give your mum a smile
In Scotland where the lion roars with pride

From hampden to germany we flew the saltire high
Argentina then Spain saw lions waving in the sky
sang “here we go here we go” to Mexico
italy was five in a row, there's atarmy party everywhere we go

Scotland - the lion roars with pride
Scotland – the tartan army's at your side
Give us a goal for the millions of miles
You'll hear us cheering in the western isles
Scotland – the lion roars with pride

Brazilian drums beat to Flower of Scotland through the warm Italian night
we didn't bring the cup back home cos we played a load of shite
but now that it's all over we can hear the whole world say
Scotland – you are welcome any day

Scotland – the lion roars with pride
Scotland the tartan army's by your side
We have walked a million miles leaving memories of a million smiles
Scotland – the lion roars with pride 


The Auld Land © Ted Christopher 2006

How can ye stand and look so proud over this lovely land-

the glen where I spent my childhood that was farmed by my father's hand?

Where he took me out to hunt the hills and fish the Golspie Burn

And he taught me God gave us this home to which I never can return.


Stafford you broke my heart when you shipped us all away

“You are off to a land of plenty” I heard you say

and we will work and sweat to build a new land young and free

but it's Scottish blood that fills these veins and my heart will always be


In the auld land where the thistle grows and the rain comes pouring down

On the ruins of our houses that only sheep now roam around

Down the paths of my fathers, o'er the dreams of my clan

I may be many miles across the sea but she's still my auld land


You are not of my country but took Sutherland as your bride

And you sit down there in London town where you cannot hear my people cry.

What kind of man enjoys his wine while his orders are applied

As our houses burn in the drifting snow and our children freeze and die


Stafford you broke my heart when you shipped us all away

To this world of plenty and a better day

Where we have worked with pride and built a new land strong and free

But it's Scottish blood that fills these veins and my heart will always be


In the auld land where the thistle grows and the rain comes pouring down

On the ruins of our houses that only sheep now roam around

O'er the graves of my fathers, the dreams of my clan

I may be many miles across the sea but she's still my auld land

Your money and power destroyed our ways but she's still my auld land.


The Old Man's Chair © Ted Christopher

It's faded and it's torn and the varnish has long gone

It's just a piece of junk that should be thrown away.

But something in my heart made me tear it off the cart

Before the binmen took the other stuff away


They have cleared the old mans home and the dozers have moved in

And very soon there will be just a pile of stones.

As I turned with misty eyes, it was then I realised

This was the only thing I had that he'd owned


It sat beside the fire and it was his alone

And in the evenings there he'd rest his weary bones

And he'd take me on his knee and sometimes he'd sing to me

Till I'd sleep there in the old man's chair


When the work came to an end, there was precious little spare

But I still remember when he built my first guitar

Though it would never play in tune, I was over the moon

Just a young boy with a toy made from love


It sat beside the fire and it was his alone

And in the evenings there he'd rest his weary bones

I'd climb upon his knee and sometimes he'd sing to me

and I felt safe there in my old man's chair


But the ambitions of youth turned me blind

To all the treasures I had left behind.

I got wrapped up in myself never thinking of my home

by the time I found my senses he had gone.


Now it sits beside my fire though it's faded and it's torn

And in the evenings there I rest my weary bones

With my son upon my knee I dream contentedly

In that same old chair where my father dreamed the same dreams for me

 We Are © Ted Christopher


We are the soil, we are the trees on the hills,

The birds in the air, the fish in the pools.

From ages past we've come to dust we'll return.

In birth, life and death, we are this land


that we call home. We are the fire and the stone,

the warm summer breeze and the mighty seas.

We are the legends, the songs, the blood and the bones,

the snow and the rain, the dreams and the pain


And if I should die somewhere away from here,

bring me home to lie in Scotia 's fields

where I've been blessed just to be their keeper for a while.

Now as I pass them to my sons –to the soil I return


Freedom's Flame © Ted Christopher

Good morning my friend. You do not stand here alone

But it warms our old hearts that you've come to kneel beside this stone

Where brave Frasers fell on that day sent from hell

When they snuffed out our flame

-But in you, today I see, it flickers once again.


A flame that roars the cry of freedom as we hold it to the sky

With a thousand years of Scottish souls each one holding high

freedom's flame in Scotland's name – hold it high, hold it high

as long as there remain one hundred our flame will never die.


We came here not knowing how we'd feel among these stones

Just to lay some sprigs of heather for those brave men long gone

But as the teardrops fall, on the wind we hear a call

“For Scotland! For Scotland!” and a burning pride engulfs us all


Never comes the day when I don't think about that moor

Or other fields of battle that are scattered o'er this world

Where young Scotsmen lie called before their time

But they did not die in vain for each one carries freedoms flame.


Where's The River Mel © Ted Christopher

An Australian came to town one day and he brought a film crew
Said, “ You’ve got a story here. I’ll tell you what I’ll do.
I’m gonna take this man called Wallace and I’m gonna spread his fame
And very soon the whole wide world will know your hero’s name.”

So he talked to the historians of battles that were won
And how that day at Stirling Bridge we made the English run
Then he talked to all his money men and it seems they had their way
‘cos they made the film in Ireland so now I’ve got to say

“Where’s the river Mel? Won’t you stand here with me?
Look down from Stirling Castle, tell me what’s that you see?
That’s a river Mel and it’s where it’s always been
So how come there’s no trace of it upon your silver screen”?

We fought hand to hand to save our land, it was hot and sweaty work
When the English come we bared our bums, we did not give a f………..oot.
Then we turned back to the water’s edge to wash off all the gore
But it’s hard to bathe in a river that ain’t there anymore


Well they called the film Braveheart and it was loads of fun
It wisnae much like history but at least we still won
Now the tourists come from o’er the world to gaze down on this place
But as they look out to the monument there’s surprise upon their face

Cos there’s a river Mel and its where it’s always been
So how come there’s no trace of it upon your silver screen
Aye that’s oor river Mel – the real battlescene,
where Wallace sent them homeward to think again

So if you ever get to thinking that Bannockburn could be a theme
Please remember Mel “burn” is Scottish for a stream.


Every Father's Song © Ted ChristopherI

I hought I’d done it all and been there,

knew the thoughts in others’ heads,

understood the feelings in the laughter they shared

I thought I’d seen the highs,

was so sure I knew the lows,

but you opened up my senses in a way I’d never known.


 With your first small cry you changed my life

I felt my heart grow inside me

Now I’m flying with the eagles I’ve a different view

Of what matters in life

and it’s all because of you


I have climbed majestic mountains

watched the mighty rivers flow

felt the warmth of summer sunshine and the chill of winter snow

Mother Nature’s great creations

are there for all to see

But the greatest of her glories is the one she just gave to me


So now I give you my shoulder to cry on

My ears to listen to your cares

I’ll always be there if you just need a hug

And for the rest of my life

I’ll give you the best of my love.


Never felt such admiration

Never felt such pride

Never been so nervous

I just sat and watched and cried

as  your dear mother went through the sweetest pain of all

I’d never felt so helpless – then I heard your call


And with that first small cry you changed my life

felt my heart grow inside me

I thank God for your precious breath


And I ask him now to guide me


One of a Hundred © Ted Christopher 2008

Who will stand and be one of a hundred? who will fight for what is truly right?

And  tomorrow be able to walk free and tall and tell your children you answered the call.



Ma faither died wi’ Murray at the brig o’er the Forth

At Bannockburn I lost my eldest son

So I will fight for three men to hold what they have won

When Scotland needs a hundred, I will be one.


I will stand and be one of a hundred

I will fight for what is surely right

And tomorrow I’ll be able to walk free and tall

And tell my children I answered the call


Frae the north east I come wi’ the pride of my clan

And we’ll meet wi’ the men frae the west

And join many guid friends on the lowland plains

And those proud border men who stand guard ower the south.


We fight not for honour or glory

For in killing a man there is none

And we fight not for riches or to conquer

But for the love of our country and freedom alone.


but if under the saltire I should fall, tell my children I answered the call


The North Rising © Ted Christopher 2010

My name is Andrew de Moray and the north is rising

To tak back oor country for those that belang

Carry this letter to Wallis o Ellerslie

Tae tell him,for Scotland, he disna fecht alane


So gie me twa braw men and tak yir fastest horses

Godspeed tae the south and let The Wallace know

That high ower Avoch oor banner is flying

When we’ve won back the north, we’ll join him at the Forth


They came in their thousands and thocht that they wid crush us

But brave hearts stood and sent them tae hell

This wound will soon kill me but my final breath I give

Knowing all men die, but I really lived


Scotland, dear Scotland the north didna fail ye

Though many lie here in their final rest

I remember yir words the first time I met ye

O’ a’ things ma freend – freedom is best.


So gies yir hand guid William for noo I must leave ye

Here at Stirling Brig this was oor finest hour

Long centuries frae now Scotsmen will staun here

And fur the bluid beneath their feet jist say a wee prayer


To remember Andrew Murray and the proud north rising.


Bairns O' Dunblane © Ted Christopher 1996

The cauld winter wind blows snow through the air
but wrapped up and warm the little children don't care.

No mothers's goodbye kiss could ever foresee
the pain of the chill that would fall on the bairns o' Dunblane

The Allanwater flows swollen from the late winter rain
Through the broken heart of the town like a permanent stain

From the tears of the world that could fill it all again
Tears that were shed for the bairns o' Dunblane

Who can comprehend taking the life of a child
but sixteen bloody times a five year old died
he brought hell to Dunblane, now to hell he is damned
for there are somethings that even God can't understand

The whole community shattered that somehow must go on
with scars that will not fade as the years turn
when the Laighills turn yellow with the flowers of the broom again
remember spring never came for the bairns o' Dunblane


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